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Bootleg Hill Honey Meads, a licensed winery, is dedicated to mead of the highest quality at affordable prices. Our honey is unprocessed directly from the hive. We prefer a more natural approach with no sulfites added however our meads may contain naturally occurring sulfites.  Our meads are made to be enjoyed or aged for years.

Bootleg Hill offer or plan to offer the following mead styles:

  • Traditional Meads with no additional ingredients only honey both semi-sweet and dry.

  • Melomels which is mead made with honey and fruit.

  • Metheglin which is made with honey and spices.

  • Black Mead which is made with honey and black currants.

  • Cyser which is made with honey and apples or apple juice

  • Bochet which is made with caramelized honey.

  • Session meads also called Hydromel lower alcohol meads made with ale or lager yeast.

  • Capsicumel which is made with honey and hot peppers.

  • Barrel aged meads which is mead aged in wood barrels.

Dimitri Wine & Spirits inventories year-around and seasonal selections from Bootleg Hill (check with your Sales Representative or favorite retailer for current offerings):

Wildflower 321 Dry, Wildflower Mead, Wildflower Blackberry, Wildflower Blueberry, Wildflower Cherry, Wildflower Coffee, Wildflower Cranberry-Orange, Wildflower Lemon, Wildflower Orange, and Wildflower Raspberry.rick

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