Syrah - Russian River Valley

syrah label

This deep purple and aromatic wine shows off heaps of fruit with equal measure cool-climate spicy and savory notes. It’s nicely textured and incredibly juicy with bright acidity and a dark-chocolate and cherry profile that begs for the next sip. The finish is long and lasting with a lingering coffee touch and light tannins that add grip and structure. The light oak treatment lends viscosity and that helps balance and soothe the tannins inherent in the Syrah grape.  This Syrah was grown on our 14-year-old BCD vineyard located on rolling hills that lead up to the coastal mountain range. Cold fog flows in from the nearby Pacific Ocean in the late evening and covers the vineyard until midmorning. During the growing season, it’s common to have a 40-degree daily temperature swing from early-morning lows to peak afternoon highs after the fog burns away.

Technical Sheet for Syraha beckman

Shelftalker for Syrah 2014

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