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Label Brownstone

Type of Wine Moscato

Country United States

Country Region California


Moscato label

The word brownstone has endured for centuries in the Northeastern states, especially New York. It describes both a stone building material and a building style, and frequently involved Italian craftsmen who quarried the stone and then built and lived in brownstone buildings. Brownstone also holds a special place in our family’s history because when my great grandfather and his family immigrated to America in 1903, they lived in a brownstone building in Brooklyn. That made it a natural choice for the name of a new wine we launched in 2004 – Brownstone, a brand built on quality, tradition and timeless value. 

The Brownstone Moscato has elegant flavors, distinct floral aromas and a not too dry finish which makes it ideal to serve before meals and with well-seasoned, spicy foods.

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